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Other Services

Fund Transfers

In order to provide the best in class services to the customers, CPBank developed simplified Funds Transfer Services which bring customers convenience with speedy services, security, safety, and reliability.

  • Secure, fast service with a great time and cost saving
  • Good service, reasonable price, and transparency
  • Convenience for sending and receiving money through CP Bank branches nationwide
  • Short and simple process

Customers can transfer money from:

  • Account to account
  • Non-account to account
  • Account to non-account
  • Non-account to non-account
  • Cambodia Post Bank Plc to another bank
  • Cambodia to other countries around the world

Local Funds Transfer

It is not a barrier or a worry anymore on transferring money to your family, relatives, business partners at the provincial town or remote areas because the CPbank’s Funds Transfer Service is the right solution for you. Our offices are installed at potential locations nearby customers’ houses and business locations so that there is no longer a problem.

To performance local fund transfer you are required to:

  • Go to any nearby branch
  • Mobile Banking Application

International Funds Transfer

The customer can remit their funds internationally all around the world by using CPB’s SWIF CODE “CPBPKHP2”. The customer will benefit from the lowest pricing, fast and convenience and high security.

SMILE Smart Loan Protection


Nature of Contract and Product Benefits

a) Duration of Contract

Minimum term: 1 Year
Maximum term: 10 Years
(Subject to a maximum expiry age of 70 years old)

b) Description of Benefits available under the plan

(i) Death Benefit

Upon the death of the Life Insured during the coverage period due to Sickness or Accidental cause, Sum Assured will be payable.

(ii) Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

In the event of TPD of Insured due to Sickness or Accidental cause, Sum Assured will be payable in one lump sum.

The policy shall be automatically terminated when the Company pays the Death or TPD benefit to the Beneficiary or Insured Member.

(iii) Surrender Benefit

Upon surrender of the policy, the surrender value will be payable.

Minimum/Maximum Age at Entry

Age Limit for Life Insured (waiting for approval from the Ministry of Economy and Finance)

Minimum: 18 years old
Maximum: 65 years old
Subject to a maximum expiry age of 70 years old
Age Definition: Current year minus Year of Birth

Minimum/Maximum Sum Assured

Minimum Sum Assured: 300 USD
Maximum Sum Assured: No limit


Available soon!

Mobile Banking

The 9 special features that customers always appreciate CPBank Mobile Banking is very functional and useful!

Fund Transfer

Offering a special fund transfer up to USD 50,000 per day and no fee charge.

Cardless Withdrawal

You can make a cardless withdrawal via Cash-Out function in case you forget to bring your ATM card or you want to make a cash out without using ATM card! Easy and convenient to cash out and can be cash out up to USD 10,000 per day, as opposed to cash out via ATM card of $ 2,000 per day.

Finger Print Setup

Two main fingerprint functions will make your experience of using CPBank mobile banking easier and faster.

  • “Login fingerprint” function is a function for logging into your account without using password.
  • “Confirm fingerprint” function is a function for confirming transactions in CPBank Mobile Banking without using OTP code.

Enable and Lock Card

You can lock ATM card automatically via Mobile Banking in case such as:

  • Lost, stolen, or suspected someone who is using your card
  • You suspect that your ATM card is not secure.In case of any above, you can lock your ATM card automatically by yourself without having to go to the branch or contact Counseling Officer: 023 260 800

QR Payment

A smart and secure way to transfer money to a relative or a business partner through a QR Code instead of using cash via CPBank Mobile Banking. CPBank would like to thank the intelligent customers who increased their payments and funds transfer to avoid direct cash handling.

Transfer to E-wallet

Amazingly, for all valued customers, you can transfer money via CPBank Mobile Banking to Wing up to USD 2,000 per day anytime, anywhere, fast, easy, and secure! CPBank will launch the fund transfer to Bakong system soon.

Online Account Opening

Online account opening in both KHR and USD via Mobile Banking is very easy and has many benefits. Specifically, get an interest rate of 0.75% per annual. If compared to our competitors, CPBank is the first choice for savings accounts.

Change Password

In case you forgot your password, you don’t have to go to the bank branch or contact the bank. You can change your password immediately by the “Forget Password” function.

Create virtual Card

If you want to make an e-commerce transaction such as Food Delivery, Ali Express, Facebook / Google sponsor, AGODA online pay, Booking.com, Online transportation. Please enable e-commerce transaction function first.


This function is really secure on your visa card because you can lock e-commerce transaction function automatically if you don’t have any online transactions.

Especially, all transactions are free of charge. Not only 9 special features above, CPBank offers many unique and important features to facilitate daily cash management and payments.

Have you used any of the 8 special features that I have displayed? If you haven’t used, please get the experience of using CPBank Mobile Banking with me.

CPBank Mobile Banking will be updating a new version with a new interface and launching soon in order to give our customers better experience of using it.

Transaction and Fee Charge
No Transaction Description Transaction amount per day Limit amount per day Fee & charge
Financial Transaction Normal & VIP Normal & VIP
1 Phone Top-up 10 50 USD 1 -1,000 USD 1 -50,000 Free
2 Bill Payment 10 50 USD 1 -10,000 USD 1 -50,000 Free
3 Solid Waste Collection 10 50 USD 1 -10,000 USD 1 -50,000 KHR 500 / USD 0.13 / THB 5
4 Mobile Pin Code Purchase 10 USD 1 -1,000 Free
5 Transfer to own CPBank accounts 999 USD 1 – 4,000,0000,0000 Free
6 Transfer to other CPBank accounts 10 USD 1 -50,000 Free
7 Transfer to local banks 10 >= KHR 10,000 – <= KHR 4 M KHR 4,000
> KHR 4,000,000 – <= KHR 20 M KHR 8,000
> KHR 20 M – <= KHR 40 M KHR 12,000
8 Transfer to Wing 10 USD 1 -5,000 Free
9 Transfer to Bakong Mobile 10 USD 1 -2,500 Free
10 Transfer to Bakong account 10 USD 1 -2,500 Free
11 Credit Card Repayment 10 USD 1 -10,000 Free
12 Cardless withdrawal 10 USD 1 -10,000 Free
10 KHR 10,000 – 4 M
13 Virtual Card Top-up 10 USD 1 -2,500 Free
14 Create Virtual Card 10 USD 1 -2,500 Free
15 Transfer to​ RFT Account 10 ≤ KHR 4 M or USD 1,000 KHR 3,000 / USD 0.76
> KHR 4 M or USD 1,000 – ≤ KHR 20 M or USD 5,000 KHR 6,000 / USD 1.51
> KHR 20 M or USD 5,000 – ≤ KHR 40 M or USD 10,000 KHR 9,000 / USD 2.31
> KHR 40 M or USD 10,000 – ≤ KHR 100 M or USD 25,000 KHR 12,000 / USD 3.06
> KHR 100 M or USD 25,000 – ≤ KHR 200 M or USD 50,000 KHR 15,000 / USD 3.81


Cash-in Service

CPBank​ provides​ a lot of methods​ of​ cash-in​ service​ to​ customers​ such​ as​ directly​ at​ CPBank branches​ and​ through​ the​ network​ of​ cash-in​ machines​. Besides​ its​ facilities,​ CPBank​ has​ also​ extended​ the​ cash-in​ service​ through​ the​ partnership​ with​ various​ leading​ payment​ service​ providers.

Enjoy deposit your cash or repay your loan with the following methods:

CPBank has 55 branches network across the country. You can deposit money into your CPBank account through the cashier’s counter at any nearest branch.
CPBank has 74 ATMs machine are operating across the country and 2 Cash-in machines located in Sensok branch (Aeon mall 2) and Olympic branch. You can top-up your account at these 2 Cash-in machines for free 24/7.
Depositing through more than 7,300 Wing agencies nationwide, you can use Wing service to deposit cash to your CPBank account and repay your loan at any nearest agent.

After you deposited money into your account, you can easily check your account balance with convenient and secure CPBank Mobile Banking. Please download and activate it for free!

CPBank keeps​ working​ on​ increasing​ the​ number​ of​ branches,​ Cash-in​ machines,​ and​ related partnerships to provide the convenience of Cash-in service for customers.

What is Virtual Card?

CPBank Virtual Card is a card that can use to purchase online the same as a Visa card, but you can create a virtual card by yourself on your mobile phone up to $ 2,500 and can increase your amount.

After you create a virtual card, you can use to purchase on the popular online websites such as Amazon, Google Play, App Store, eBay, Air Asia, Expedia, Alibaba.com, Taobao.com, Agoda, Booking.com, Netflix, Ali Express, Food panda, Nham24, BLOC Food delivery,…

Why do we need to use Virtual Card?

  • For customers who do not have a visa card yet
  • For customers who do not want to spend time to access any branch for applying for visa card
  • No need to wait for Visa card from 01 to 02 weeks
  • Protect your Visa card from being hacked by hackers

Benefits of Virtual Card

  • No create and annual fee
  • Instantly, issuance with instantly purchase
  • Security online payment
  • Purchase online by only using your mobile phone
  • Can limit your daily purchase
  • Check all your transactions via CPBank Mobile Banking

Terms and Fees

Currency USD
Type of Card VISA
Daily Purchase Limit USD 1 – 2,500 per Virtual Card
Create Fee Free
Monthly or Yearly Free Free
Number of Active Virtual Cards 10 active cards per CPBank Mobile Banking
Validity Period 1 month – 5 years
Interest rate N/A
Daily Purchase Count No limit

How to create Virtual Card?

Tax Collection Services

CPBank provides many tax collection services such as:

  • All kind of Taxes
  • Property Taxes
  • Transportation Taxes

Tax Payment Service is a payment service that CPBank offers to customers and the public who have duties to pay tax to the government. This means that customers no need to handle physical cash to the General Department of Taxation, etc.

Why CPBank?
  • convenience and Trusted services
  • Convenience in tax payments via CPBank’s Branches throughout Cambodia
  • Safety of cash management through CPBank
  • Get an efficient financial consultant for free
  • Opportunity to use other CPBank’s Services, etc.

The currency is “Khmer Riel” only. If customers pay in cash or debit from your account in other currencies, we will convert them based on the exchange rates of CPBank.

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