CPBank Milestone


  • Achieved total assets of USD 1.18 billion
  • Achieved net profit of USD 21.33 million
  • Increased total accounts to 166,743.
  • Increased the number of card holders to around 75,198
  • Increased merchant partners to around 7,049
  • Increased mobile banking users to around 47,019
  • Increased the number of staff to 1,701
  • Successfully registered and completed the requirement from Ministry of Labors for Head Office and all branches
  • Added new features to mobile banking including cross border payment, KHQR, and bill payments to new merchant partners, etc.
  • Participated in the SME Co-Financing Scheme of SME Bank with the technical and financial guidance of the Ministry of Economic and Finance (the “MEF”)
  • Increased branch networks to 60 locations nationwide
  • Increased ATM/CDMs networks to 89 machines nationwide
  • Honorable Mention in Global SME Finance Awards 2021 as “SME Financier of the Year-ASIA” from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the SME Finance Forum
  • Awarded as the Fastest Growing Retail and SME Bank Cambodia 2021 from International Business Magazine
  • Awarded in Leadership in Contactless Conversion 2020 from VISA


  • Achieved total assets of 1.06 billion US dollars in 7 years
  • Launched Visa Credit Card, Virtual Card, utilities payment in Mobile Banking App
  • Actively participated in NBC Digital initiatives by implement Fast Payment, Bakong E-wallet and Retail Pay via Mobile Banking App and OTC
  • Enabled Online Loan Request and Online Account Opening Application
  • Launched Private Banking Services
  • Participate in the SME Co-Financing Scheme of SME Bank Licensed by NBC with the technical and financial guidance of the Ministry of Economic and Finance (the “MEF”)
  • Launched Loan Origination System and Collections Management System under UAT
  • Opened 7 new branches and total branch network of 58 with 72 ATM/CDMs Machines included Cash Recycling Machines
  • Achieved USD 9M net profit and total of 1,523 staffs
  • Honorable mentions as “Best Bank for Women Entrepreneurs 2020” from International Finance Corporation (IFC) and SME Finance Forum
  • Recognized by the General Department of Taxation with a “Gold Award for Tax Compliance”
  • Named as “Best Retail Bank Cambodia 2020” by International Business Magazine
  • Achieved the outstanding awards as “Fastest Growing Retail Bank Cambodia 2020” from Global Banking and Finance Review
  • Visa Awarded as Leadership in Contactless Conversion 2020


  1. Introduced 365days Banking Services in 3 branches in Phnom Penh Area such as Main Branch, Olympic, and Sen Sok Branch (Aeon II).
  2. Launched Visa Debit Card.
  3. Become a first group member of Bakong app.
  4. Enabled QR based payment function in Mobile Baking for free fund transfer.
  5. Enabled e-wallet top-up function to Darapay and Wing using Mobile Banking.
  6. Opened 6 new branches and the total branch network stands at 51.
  7. Pilot Test the Loan Origination System.
  8. 24 hours Call Center with Web Chat.
  9. Hosting International Event under “Women and Finance” with WSBI.
  10. Total assets reached USD 824M with 1,585 staff.
  11. Achieved USD 20M net profit.


  1. Implemented Credit Application Score Card.
  2. Developed Capital Management Framework.
  3. Opened 3 more new branches and the total branch network increased to 45.
  4. Become pioneer member of Cambodia Shared Switch (CSS).
  5. Increased registers’ capital to USD 76M.
  6. Partnership with Sovannaphumi Life Assurance Plc.
  7. Partnership with Darapay for loan collection.
  8. Total assets reached USD 783M with 1,441 staff.
  9. Achieved USD 17M net profit.

The BIZZ AWARD in 2018

The BIZZ AWARD 2018 has been granted for CPBank’s Business Excellence at the City of Miami, Florida in 2018.


  1. Acquired 100% stake of FUNAN Microfinance Plc. with 51 branches network.
  2. Tripled FUNAN’s asset size within a year.
  3. The official launch of Mobile Banking Service.
  4. Become member of FAST payment system.
  5. Partnership with Wing for loan collection.
  6. Opened 5 more new branches with total branch network increased to 42.
  7. Corresponding Banking partnership with DBS (Singapore) and ICBC (China).
  8. Introduced 20 mobile touchpoints.
  9. Centralized asset operations.
  10. Total assets reached USD 577M with 1,281 staff.
  11. Achieved USD 8.5M net profit after tax.


  1. Introduced a digital service delivery channel.
  2. Launch ATM services.
  3. Pilot test Mobile Banking.
  4. Equipped branched with enhanced customer service quality.
  5. Introduced regional control, enhanced MIS, and Analytics function.
  6. Opened 6 news branches, total branch network increase to 37.
  7. Achieved USD 416M asset size with 1,182 staff.
  8. Net profit after tax doubled to USD 8M.
  9. Introduced the Telecollection team at Head Office.

Awarded The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize Award Program in 2016

CPBank has been nominated as the winner by the international organization known as ESQR in ESOR’s Quality Prize Award Award “Gold Category” which is organized in Germany at December 2016.


  1. Chief Risk Officer on board.
  2. Introduced semi-annual Bureau scrub for portfolio analyzes.
  3. Completed operational process re-engineering for quick turnaround time.
  4. Introduced credit control function to strengthen the 2nd line of defense function.
  5. Opened 12 new branches, the total branch network increased to 31.
  6. The asset size increased to USD 255M with 1,025 staff.
  7. Net profit after tax increase to USD 4.5M.

Awarded The Outstanding Emerging Retail Banking Bank Award in 2015

This award recognizes the CPBank’s products and services which efficiently support Cambodia market development.


  1. Implemented core banking T24.
  2. Rolled out central operation.
  3. Introduced Operational Risk Management function as the second  line of defense.
  4. Rolled out integrated Rink Management Framework.
  5. Rolled out Operational Rink Management Framework.
  6. Expanded branch network to 19.
  7. Increase asset size to USD 129M with 740 staff.
  8. Achieved Net profit of USD 1.4M