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Fixed Deposit Account in Cambodia

Fixed Deposit Account

One of the best options for those who have excessive money and want to generate more income is to invest their money by opening fixed deposit accounts with CP Bank. Minimum amount of US$50 is required for initial deposit and deposit can be made in three different currencies including Khmer riel, US Dollar and Thai Baht. The interest rate is depending on the selected period and currency type.

Fixed deposit account holders are required to open savings account or current account with the bank so that the interest will be automatically created to savings or current account of depositors accordingly.

Monthly Income:

The monthly interest will be credited to the savings or current account of the depositors according to the instructions.

Term Income:

At the maturity date of fixed term, the interest will be credited to the savings or current account of the depositor according to the instructions. Normally, the standard rate of this account is a bit higher than monthly income fixed term.

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