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Agriculture accounts for 80 percent of GDP and is a vital economic indicator in Cambodia’s agrarian society. Recognizing the lack of access to affordable and reliable financial services within the banking sector in Cambodia, CP Bank is a cooperative effort between Canadia Bank,  Fullerton Financial Holdings (FFH) and Cambodia Post Office to make access to financial services to more people in Cambodia a reality.  FFH brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with years of success in the SME sector in most Asian countries, including Indonesia and China, and the Cambodia Post Office helps to extend our network  to serve all of our customer’s needs.

CP Bank is a banking institution that works with partners who have a significant experience in the small loan sector, which allows Cambodia’s people to grow their business and help improve incomes and living standards, as well as to develop and upgrade the country forfurther advancement.

 Moreover, CP Bank offers affordable interest rates with fast, friendly and professional 





service. We are also providing consultativeservices to our customers to help them find ways to improve and grow their businesses.

Overall CP Bank had a very positive year. The loan portfolio increased to USD 20.85 million and the number of borrowers increased to 2,083 clients. In line with the country’s economic growth, we are able to respond to our clients’ need for larger loans. Portfolio growth was driven by the needs of existing and new customers.

For the future, we will continue on our road to becoming a well-developed financial institution capable of delivering services such as mass market banking with a wide branch network across the country. To do so, we continue our investment in branch expansions, IT systems and our human resources. We are preparing for an increasingly competitive environment and positioning ourselves as a preferred financial service provider of high quality tailor made products.

 Neak Oknha Pung Kheav Se

Chairman of the Board of Directors





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